On Democratizing the Ad “Industry”

part 1: The arrogance of the ad industry

The ad industry hasn’t learned from its pervious shortcomings and mistakes. The form has changed: it’s more sophisticated and “modern-looking” than what it used to be; but the arrogance of the ad industry sickens me and probably sickens you too! How arrogant it is to bombard us with un-neccessary and un-wanted information to manipulate us to change our behavior and go for a product or service, in exchange for what? visiting a website, reading an email, or passing a street? This is pure arrogance! I do want to have my own space, with respect to my intelligence, without being shaped by who pays more for an ad space!

The anti-Ad “Industry”: why are we paying our manipulators?

part 2: When did the last changes happen in the digital ad industry?

  • display ads: Once dominated by Google Adsense, it’s a bloodline of huge companies like Google’s parent, Alphabet, and Facebook Inc.
  • native ads: a little bit less boring, but even more irrelevant. They were interesting for a few years, but they lost the track. Huge players weren’t much successful in the area!
  • influencers: what is good about seeing someone get some money to influence/manipulate me?! cheap bastards! Why does he have to make money that comes from my pockets?? Think about it! The advertiser is not a non-profit! It gets its marketing budget from the buyer, who is already being “influenced”. If the influencers have ethics, they beg for my donation, rather than trying to deceive me!

part 3- where are we now?

not a very good location! Publishers and content creators are not happy, they make way less money than what they used to. People are not happy, because the ads are not relevant, they are boring and repetitive, and nobody clicks on the ads. Even bloodsucker monopolies corporations are not happy, as when people don’t click on the boring ads, and less money goes to them, they have to suck the blood from publishers, even more. 

part 4- the solution

We’re not gonna reveal it here. It’s a business decision. IF we reveal the secret sauce, those big bloodsuckers will swallow us in matter of seconds. We do have the secret sauce: espera muchacha!