if there’s a god why should we worship him?

Assuming there exists a god somewhere (or nowhere) why should we worship him? is it “ethical” to worship him? is it because of ethics? which ethics? The same one that is “designed”/created by the same guy/god?

Should bitcoin be designed, such that after each transaction, the coins send a love message to Satoshi?! Should bitcoins look at the ledgers at a time, in a sudden, and come to the conclusion that “you see this order is not accidental”/bullshit reasoning for the believers to “believe”, and religion starts?

So is it that we only worship the god, because there’s no god? Or is it we’re betraying the god’s “ethics” by worshiping him? Since if there’s a god, it shouldn’t be “ethical” for the god to design the system, such that the creatures/”mental slaves” worship him!

Or it’s that our logic/(and/or)”ethics” should be “wrong”?

or our “wrong” is “”wrong””…