if a language doesn’t serve us, should we continue using and “preserving” it?

why do we need to keep English as-is? we’re moving to the zone that men and women are equal, we’ve “advertised” gender equality for generations, and we not only are differentiating people based on their gender but also are differentiating things as “he” and “she“? Why do we have to bring down things and animals as “it“?? This is “wrong“! We should remove ‘he’ and ‘she’ and call everyone and everything ‘it’.

So either we have to evolutionize the language, based on the new era and its environment, or the language can’t keep up with our progress. In this case, are we obliged ethically, to preserve the slow-moving language or we have to create new languages and see which one, the old languages or the new one will survive? “Darwinism in language“! The only criterium is not that the conquerors (or the “first world”, or the “developed world” or the ones that have overactive reproduction skills) “write the history” in choosing the “winner” language.