Fighting Elephant Slavery

Part 1-

It was just a display ad in a busy corridor in Narita International Airport (NRT Airport), one of the world’s busiest airports. An ad by Master Card depicting a few tourists riding elephants close to Angkorwat temple in Cambodia, and people were passing by, without noticing how it subconsciously is promoting elephant riding as a cool experience in Southeast Asia. Even worse, it was promoting elephant riding as a must-do experience while you’re in Asia.

What the ad wasn’t depicting was the true stories of suffers, tortures, psychological and physical damage and a life-long of slavery for these poor animals. The life that is sentenced to beating, entangling, until she breaks down. Until she doesn’t have any will, Until she doesn’t have any hope, until she doesn’t have the hope to fight, until she says my life is to be a slave, to accept THE BREAKDOWN. What has she done to deserve this life-long punishment??

Part 2-

We need to hold brands accountable for what they do and what they do to our planet and wellbeing of animals. If a giant corporation like MasterCard is directly (or indirectly) promoting elephant riding which is a KNOWN animal abuse, then it needs to be accountable. In the process of “taming”, baby elephants are severely tortured, beaten, and strangled, so they lose whatever willpower they have and become submissive to their “human trainers”. For decades, elephants are kept in inhumane conditions, without proper care, enough food, and

Part 3- Our demands:
1- immediate removal of all the billboards, posters or any advertising material that contains animal abuse
2- publicly condemn elephant riding as a form of animal abuse in major publishing materials in Southeast Asia, and on TV
2.5- publicly apologize for these ads
3- donate the same amount to elephant sanctuaries that house retired abused elephants or $5 m whichever is more.
4- support charities that fight against elephant riding
5- fund release of 400 elephants from elephant riding facilities through Southeast Asia
6- never support any form of animal abuse such as zoos, riding, etc whatsoever

FTLOA GOAL: use the power of social media to make corporations accountable
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