I started my first company when I was 18. It was a tutoring, mentorship and educational institute called Mehr78. I created a team, consisting of a dozen genius, young, passionate and successful tutors/mentors. All the tutors were from first-year university students who ranked under 100th nationally in the National University Entrance Exam and they mentored/tutored high school juniors and seniors for their National University Entrance Exam. It was a very competitive/rewarding space and we had a great business model, a very good team, and unfortunately, no financial backup! We survived for 8 months, and it was an amazing learning experience. First lesson: You need CASH to survive!

I have started a handful of companies since then, from a logistics and service company to ​catering and restaurant. I’ve learnt a lot, and I don’t know nothing yet!

Here are the latest ones:

PositiveMed Network

PositiveMed is an unconventional, independent and popular resource for health & wellness in 4 different languages. Every month millions of people around the world trust us as their source of health tips and news.

English, Spanish, Russian and Persian


Uber Buildings
UberBuildings is an architecture, design, and construction firm/journal, based in Miami, Florida. The company uses unconventional techniques to create affordable, eco-firendly and user-friendly structures/designs.

Fashion Expect
Online beauty and fashion store for emerging Latin American/Central American markets.