if a language doesn’t serve us, should we continue using and “preserving” it?

why do we need to keep English as-is? we’re moving to the zone that men and women are equal, we’ve “advertised” gender equality for generations, and we not only are differentiating people based on their gender but also are differentiating things as “he” and “she“? Why do we have to bring down things and animals […]

if there’s a god why should we worship him?

Assuming there exists a god somewhere (or nowhere) why should we worship him? is it “ethical” to worship him? is it because of ethics? which ethics? The same one that is “designed”/created by the same guy/god? should bitcoin was designed, such that after each transaction, the coins send a love message to Satoshi?! Should bitcoins […]

Theta waves: an overview from generation to importance

Brain systems involved in the generation of Theta oscillations Classic Theta model and its inadequacies Transmitters and receptors responsible for theta oscillations: roles for cholinergic, GABA-A and NMDA receptors Contribution of the Dentate Gyrus and CA3 recurrent collateral system to theta generation The involvement of GABAergic interneurons in theta activity Intrinsic resonant properties of neurons […]