The Many Minds, Out-of-the-brain!

are there multiple minds in us? how many?

there are many neurons in our bodies, billions and billions. Some say 100 billion in our brain and many billions around the body. So is it possible that the neurons in the other parts of the body have mind/consciousness? I’d say, YES!

All animals are conscious, or at least the crustaceans and “smarter” ones are conscious. What makes them conscious? A series of neurons? a specific type of neuron? a network of specific neurons with a specific design? we don’t know, or at least I don’t know if we know!

So if a series or a network or a network of networks is enough to create consciousness, we can have a lot of them, and I mean a lot of them within this billion of billions of neurons that are out of the brain. We can even have millions of Out-of-the-brain consciousness-centers/minds! (Or maybe we just have 7 of them, like the seven chakras, at the same locations? If so, would it be very weird that ancient civilizations knew these, and how? seriously, how would they have been able to know that?)

If so, how do these “minds” interact/communicate with each other? What happens when they contradict with each other? Do they fight? Can they overpower each other? I think so! I think there’s a natural-selection evolution-like interaction between them, and once in a while, some defect, some survive, and some are empowered, like the kings! And our dreams are just part of the flow of these interactions between only a very few of our minds, the in-the-brain minds!

So what happens if we lose any of these minds, suddenly, i.e. in an accident? The answer is the networks re-arrange, some change accordingly and some new power-networks emerge!

Let’s call this, “The Many Minds, Out-of-the-brain”