Who is Dr. Schei?

My name is Nima Schei and I have always found life´s complexity a source of ideas and excitement. As living beings, we are complex too, and after a long life observing and learning, I embrace  the 5 dimensions that make me: 

Human intelligence, animal rights, serial entrepreneur, scientist and inventor, digital nomad

1- Human intelligence- My passion has always been and still is to push the boundaries of human intelligence forward; And I’m fortunate to say that I’m really doing it. I’m planning for the next few steps of the process, and I am confident I will have created the base for singularity by 2035. 

  • Right now, I’m the founder and CEO at Hummingbirds AI, working on democratizing access to trustable AI to all enterprises. AI will soon transform every business, and not every business the same way. In fact, it will increase the economic gap between the big tech companies and everyone else, specially, small and mid-size businesses. My goal is to help smaller companies to close this gap by making AI affordable and accessible for them.

2- Animal rights- 2- Animal rights- I see a direct connection between singularity and life. And this thought raises an important question: : Can we, human beings, prepare ourselves for singularity, by creating synergy between humans and nature? We need to respect other intelligent beings and understand that seeing them as a source of food, ride or amusement, is a form of abuse.

Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino on the planet, shortly before his death- Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya (May 2016)

Because of this belief I’m an animal rights activist and a vegan: I’m part of the Animal SAVE movement, fighting for fair protection laws for ALL animals. I was the organizer of the campaign against promotion of elephants slavery which collected over 116,000 signatures in less than 3 weeks. We requested to stop promoting elephants slavery in South and South East Asia and make major companies accountable for their unethical advertising.

I’m co-founder of For The Love of Animals Inc, a non-profit organization that harnesses the power of social media to promote animal rights. I’m also co-founder of Curly and Pizza, the first vegetarian/vegan pizza chain in Latin America. Because every vegan meal saves a life.

Animals Liberation Movement in Bogota, Colombia (Nov 2019)

3- Serial entrepreneur/advisor- As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve founded, scaled and advised several companies in the USA, MENA and Latin America, in verticals such as deep tech, digital media and marketing, healthcare, and foodtech. I learned  two important lessons from working in digital media and marketing for 7 years. One  is how to leverage the superpower of the media to accelerate the momentum of your company. And second, how to strategize differently than the crowd to always stand out. My healthcare background as a medical doctor helped me to understand healthcare issues on a macro level and help solve them through educational and wellness programs at the enterprise level.

4- Scientist and Inventor- This passion to outgrow our intelligence has led me to explore different fields of science, such as medicine, biology, neuroscience, control engineering and electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, computational neuroscience, general AI, emotional AI and more recently their real-world applications. I’m the co-inventor of the Brain Emotional Learning algorithm (BEL), a revolutionary intelligent algorithm with many real-world applications, from control engineering to high-frequency decision making. There are now over 400 peer-reviewed publications about the superiority of BEL compared to other popular AI models [more info]. Emotional machines will be one important part of singularity in intelligence.

brain emotional learning based intelligent controller belbic
Early prototype of the Brain Emotional Learning Based Intelligent Algorithm (circa 2003)

During my time as a PhD student in Rutgers, I was creating computational models of neuronal networks and their interconnections with resonance.

5- Digital nomad- For the last 10 years, my wife and I have decided to break the boundaries of staying in one location, by being digital nomad: traveling while working,working while traveling, exploring the world while growing our companies. We’ve been to 30-something countries with our 2 dogs, managing a remote team remotely. That’s why when Pandemic happened and we got stuck in Colombia, 10+ years of managing remote teams helped us to scale our startup Hummingbirds AI effectively and remotely. 

Nima and Sara in St. Petersburg, Russia
Nima and Sara in Mara Naboisho Conservancy

My Early Projects:

As a kid, I was obsessed with math, new ideas and inventions. My favorite place to be was a tiny bookstore, and as a part-time book-junkie, my dream was to become an inventor. At early age, I was accepted into a special school for exceptional talents and through the years, my passion for innovation and creating new prototypes, led to very interesting projects:

1- Creating a prototype of a self-driving truck using light sensors to follow white lines.

 2- Trying to solve the perpetual motion machines challenge. How to create paradoxical machines that forever move without any external source of energy, endlessly preserving energy within themselves.

3- Creating a prototype of how the Sheikh Bahai Hammam, a 400 years old mysterious bathhouse said to be working with only an ever-burning candle…. in fact, my hypothesis was later proven right!). 

4- Creating a prototype of a laser communication system for wireless connections through the atmosphere.

5- I was also obsessed with numbers: I  created every number from 1-100 by using digits of 1993, 1994, 1995, 1373, 1374 and basic arithmetics.  Some of my work was published in national scientific and math magazines

6- And I started my own chemistry and biology laboratory when I was 13 or 14, which later on became my passion, leading me to win three national olympiads.

And my ultimate goal has been to understand our intelligence in order to create “a thing” more intelligent than us, the humans. 

نمیتوان آنچه را برای یاری رسانی به مردم ایران انجام میدهیم در رسانه های اجتماعی به اشتراک گذاشت ولی بدانید تمام توانمان را برای کمک های فوری و راهبردی بکار میبریم.
#مهسا_امینی #زن_زندگی_آزادی

این یه موج نیست
این یه سونامیه،
اگه هنوز داری تو ساحل این پا اون پا میکنی گوش کن
سونامی فقط چند قدم باهات فاصله داره.


این دو روز مردم
۱۰ برابر شجاع شدن.
با همین فرمون بریم
۸ روز دیگه آزادیه.
#MahsaAmini #اعتصابات_سراسری

این دو روز مردم
۱۰ برابر شجاع شدن.
با همین فرمون بریم
۸ روز دیگه آزادیه.

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